Newborn Neena | Austin Newborn Photographer

Beyond two weeks, many newborns will no longer stay in that curled position the way they did just a few days earlier. They tend to push their feet out rather than curl them up into their tummies. They’re already much stronger, sometimes lifting their heads on their own and kicking out of a swaddle. Already fifteen days when she came into the studio for her newborn portraits, Neena did not want to be tightly swaddled and curled up into that womb-like position, so we wrapped her loosely instead, and let her stretch out her legs. It’s totally amazing that just two weeks after birth, newborns have already grown and changed so much, that the differences between a ten-day-old and a 15-day-old are detectable, but oh, they are.


Jennifer Najvar is a Newborn and Maternity photographer in Austin, Texas.  Newborn Sessions are scheduled during the first 14 days after your baby’s arrival.  The best time to reserve your Newborn photography session is during your pregnancy before you reach 30 weeks.

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